Personalise your digital touchpoints

Send personalised emails, push recommended content on your site, and more.

Send email newsletters with confidence

Build impactful connections with intelligent email marketing. Create personalised emails and workflows with a few simple clicks.

Create personalised user experiences in your sites

Implement a customised personalisation recommendation system that respond to the specific needs, preferences, and changing behaviour of your users, improving engagement and conversion.

Get simplified analytics at your fingertips

Track performance, run A/B tests, and get decision-making data on email campaigns and web recommendations.

See what our users are saying!

"While most CRMs on the market are unable to reach out to government officers due to firewall issues, Percy has served as an efficient way to reach out to government officers. Using Percy has shown me an increase in my website visitors, I am able to upload images directly and use analytics to improve marketing strategies."

Hazel Koh
Content and Marketing Manager, Government Developer Portal
“Percy helps us blast emails to thousands of recipients and the data collected helps us to constantly improve our engagement with our stakeholders. I recommend Percy to other Government Officers because it is simple, direct and easy to use! No more bounced email notifications flooding our inbox and we can easily track if our EDMs are effective!"

Caris Tay
Assistant Manager at Charities Unit, MCCY
“I am able to access the effectiveness of our EDMs via their analytics. Percy lets me schedule my EDMs and it is quite intuitive to use for everyone. I can create EDMs from the site itself and my experience so far with Personalise has been not bad!"

Matthew Leung
Partnerships, NCSS