Getting started with web personalisation

1. Enable WOGAA tracking on your site

If your site does not have WOGAA enabled yet, get started at

We tap on WOGAA’s tracking technology to train recommendation models.

2. Add a live sitemap

Enable a sitemap on your site that lists at least all the items (articles, events, courses). The sitemap should follow this protocol linked:

Having a sitemap allows us to crawl all your pages to (1) train our recommendation model, and (2) save content metadata in order to serve recommendations on the web elements you’ll identify in part 3.

3. Identify web elements to personalise

  • Identify web element(s) on your site that you wish to personalise.
  • Ideally, these are elements that showcase 4-8 items (articles, events, or courses) on your site.

We make use of CSS selectors to identify web elements on your page. Recommended content will be served by replacing existing content in the elements identified with content from our recommendation model.

4. Add required content metadata to your pages

  • Tag all the articles on your site in accordance to the Open Graph protocol:
  • You are only required to add content types that appear in the web elements identified in step 3.
    • For example, if your component displays an image, title, and section, all your individual articles will at minimum need to have all 3 of these items tagged.

We make use of this metadata to replace your existing content in the web elements you’ve identified.

5. Schedule a call with the Personalise team

Get in touch with us by filling in this contact form. We’ll assess the feasibility of the web elements you’ve identified, and work together with you to achieve your business objectives.