Business Outcome Definition Plan

Personalising content to your audience can have an impact beyond increasing click-through rates. We will work with you to identify which of your business outcomes to measure to provide meaningful feedback. The workflow shown below outlines the activities that generate these insights.

The process proceeds roughly according the following phases:

  1. We work with you to find the most impactful use case(s) for personalising your content.
  2. We ensure all data requirements are met once received and begin building the personalisation engine.
  3. In parallel, we define with you the business outcomes relevant to your personalisation use case(s).
  4. For each business outcome, we formulate at least one metric.
  5. We align expectations with you by agreeing on a methodology and set of metrics to produce.
  6. We initiate an A/B test, collect results, and share our findings with you.
  7. We continue to provide ongoing maintenance and relevant metrics so long as you are using our service.

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