Import Contacts to Percy

In this article, you’ll learn how to import contacts to Percy.

Prepare for import

Save or export your contact list as a comma separated value (CSV) file following the format below.

ℹ️  Pro tips:  Make sure your CSV file does not include any empty headers.

Create new audience​

1. Log into Percy Dashboard

2. Navigate to Audience page

3. Click Create new audience 

4. In Create an audience page, give your audience a name

5. Click Create audience 

Audience name

5. Click Create audience 

Import contacts from CSV file

In Import contacts page:

1. Click Browse

2. Select the CSV file from your computer

3. Click Next

Map columns​

In Import contacts page:

1. Select column email address in your import file as the unique identifier

2. Map the remaining columns in your import file to the relevant user attributes in Percy

There are 2 types of user attributes supported in Percy: 

  • Free text – For data containing free text (e.g: Date of Birth)
  • Fixed values – For data that helps you to segment your audience (e.g: Age Group)

3. Click Next

ℹ️  Pro tips:  You can choose to import columns that are relevant to your email campaigns.

4. If everything looks good, click Start import