How to Fix Mismatched Attributes in Your Assets

Pro tip: User attributes in your audience list are named as Tags in the Email Editor

If the attribute could not be found, it could be due to several reasons:

 Possible Reason 1: Check for any typographical errors (typos) in your code. A proper manual HTML code for example is ${} with no spacing in between

Solution: Use the Merge Tags function from the toolbar instead of manually entering the code

Possible Reason 2: The user attribute you typed is not in your audience list.  You may have added an attribute using ‘name’ and it does not exist in your audience list

Solution: Add the attribute in your CSV file and re-import your audience list to ensure that it contains the attribute you want.

If you need help with importing your contacts and creating your user attributes, check out our user guide here for more info. 

Possible Reason 3: You used ‘email address’ (unique identifier) as your tag.  The Editor tool does not allow for email addresses to be used as a merged tag

Solution: Choose another attribute besides the unique identifier to use in your campaign

Why Merge Tags cannot be found in the Email Editor

Possible Reason 1: There are no user attributes created in your audience list (I.e. you used only the email address for your audience list or do not import your other columns), the attribute will not work: 

Only the unique identifier (email address) is mapped
There will be no presence of Merge Tags in the toolbar

Solution: Re-import your audience list (csv format) and map the user attributes you wish to use in your assets.  If you need help with importing your contacts and creating your user attributes, refer to our user guide here for more info.

Possible Reason 2: You did not add any target audience list under the ‘Audience’ Tab, hence there were no attributes for the system to detect.

Solution: Select your audience from your existing lists, or create a new audience list depending on which user attributes you want to use in your campaign. 


If you are still facing this issue despite checking the above reasons, kindly drop us an email at